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Snapshot of my proudest research + data driven designs



Usability Testing

Bonus Boom

Gamified offers promotion where users are able to earn Bonus miles in store or online.


  • 261K total participants

  • 15.1M Bonus Miles Issued

  • 850k session recorded

Bonus Boom Header.jpg
Flight 1.5 header.jpg

Web design


Flight 1.5 Platform

Upgraded flights platform that focuses on choice, flexibility and transparency.



  • Improved value per mile (VPM) by 24% in first 3 weeks

  • Significant growth of credit card ticket sales

  • Expanded from 14 airline partners to 65+

Web Design

Usability Test

Promo Code Feature

Adding a promotion code + Promotion opt-in feature in the flights booking flow

  • Adjusting the Flight Benefit (for AMEX and World Elite users) to be used once-per-year and apply during the redemption process

Frame 2.png

Design System

AIR MILES Design System

Processes, documentation, templates, guidelines, best practices, systems integration, governance, education--it's not just a pattern library



  • Consistency

  • Efficiency

  • Scale

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