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Bonus Boom

Offers promotion page

Bonus boom is a gamified AIR MILES promotion where users are able to earn Bonus miles in store or online.

As the UX Design lead, I was able to facilitate co-creation sessions with stakeholders, design the Bonus boom offers experience, the Bonus Boom information page and iterate after conducting usability tests.


Lead UX Designer


8 Weeks





Co-creation Session

Usability test


261k total participants

15.1M Bonus Miles issued

850k sessions

Despite COVID restrictions and stay at home-order, the bonus boom promotion performed outstandingly 


The goal was to build a research and data driven experience where users are able to learn and participate in the promotion. 

Research Methodologies

I began by creating a research plan that outlined the problem, research goal, research questions, methodologies, requirements, and assumptions.

Research Goals

  • To learn what users value when participating in Bonus Miles promotions

  • To learn the frustrations of current AIR MILES earning experiences

  • To learn the user journey of participating gamified experiences

In summary, after technical exploration and scoping, I was able to net out an MVP of two sets of pages: Bonus Boom Information page and the Bonus Boom experiences.


It was decided a co-creation session with the stakeholders will help produce the information page and usability test will drive the Bonus Boom experience.

Co-Creation Session

When designing the education + information page of the bonus boom, I facilitated a co-creation session with key stakeholders. I was able to create a workshop that allowed rapid ideation and collaborative discussions.

Using Easy retro, we were able to brainstorm primary collector needs and how it translates to content mappings and UX functionality through How might we excercises:

Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 4.34.07 PM.png

Once the ideas have been discussed and recorded, collectively we were able to apply the content and solutions in a prioritization matrix:

Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 4.36.23 PM.png

Stakeholder Intake

To better understand the problems and needs, I set up regular meetings with stakeholders presenting research findings and technical exploration. We were able to finalize a list of UX functionality that will support the Bonus Boom promotion:

  • Be able to show promotion with link to terms and condition 

  • Help with coming soon pre promo communication

  • Promote Self serve

  • Show/ Group Offers by region 

  • Group and Ordering Offers - Align with pre existing logic 

  • Support for Program Offers (mass or targeted)

  • Opt-in offer support+need to understand whether all other promo offer types are currently supported in post

  • Coming soon, ending soon, expired states

Lo-fi Wireframes

Keeping user, stakeholder and partners needs in mind, I started to sketch the experience

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 2.31.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 2.31.07 PM.png

User Interview + Testing

  • 7 users were tested

  • 4 Desktop users and 3 Mobile

  • Some users have participated in the bonus boom promotion before and some were new


I first conducted remote user interviews with the participants to gather data on user attitudes, behaviour, values, and frustrations.

I then conducted remote user testing with to observe how users would navigate the bonus boom proposed experience. I asked them to think out loud during this process.

Research Findings

Main Themes
  1. A personalized experience would benefit Collectors. When browsing offers, they are looking for retailers they shop at, and then if the offer is for something they have a use for.  

  2. Mixed mechanics are confusing. Collectors feel all Offers should be automatically loaded to their card, or that there shouldn’t be differing mechanics for each. Having different mechanics raises doubt that they are completing things correctly, and causes concern for accidentally missing out on an offer.

Common behaviours

Collectors scanned offers quickly mentally picking up on stores they were interested in and filtering out those they weren’t interested in. 

For some Collectors, they mentioned they’d then look at those of less interest in case there were a large enough Offer to convince them to use it. 

While it was acknowledged it was a lot of scrolling, Collectors did do it with the motivation of finding good offers. How might we allow Collectors to easily find Partners that are relevant to them? 

E.g., list of partners, and jump to ones, show more at once, hide irrelevant ones, prioritize places they’ve shopped before.

Opportunities Raised
  • Adding the list of partners on the offers page

    • Collectors wanted to see that Partner list, and couldn’t remember where they had seen it. For those starting on offers, they won’t necessarily see this at all, is there an opportunity to include this on offers page? 

Link bonus boom image on offers page link to how it works

  • The layout results in only a few offers being viewed at once. This has a few impacts. The partner can be cut off, so you don’t see the partner when you see the offers. It also means if the partner only has one or two offers, it’s a lot of scrolling for not a lot of offers. 

    • Can we combine some smaller partners? 

    • I wonder if in the future we could have some highlighted partners (e.g., pillar partners) then have the rest categorized (e.g., car, pet, kids, etc.) 

  • It will be interesting to see what impact integrating bonus boom on the main site has on use of featured and all offers. 

    • It was noted that bonus boom was right next to featured and all offers. Given we have the badges, I wonder if we should re-think how these are integrated under all offers…  

Key features

Coming soon/ Closed Page
  • Teaser message with dates, overlay details, and reminder to come back to see offers on launch day

  • Include message around overlay posting timing

  • Link to see overlay T&Cs

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 9.18.57 AM.png
Promo Live – offers and info page
  • Bonus Boom tab in Offers section of

  • On Partner page for each Partner alongside other offers (tagged with Bonus Boom tag)

  • In the AM app alongside other offers (tagged with Bonus Boom tag)

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 9.21.47 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 9.21.29 AM.png
Partner Offers – Functionality and Layout
  • Up to 4 Bonus Boom offers will show per Partner in this view with CTA button driving to Partner page to see all offers

  • Continuous scrolling to see all Partners/offers in a particular region, no “load more” buttons or pages to navigate through

  • Region will be pre-defined based on Collector’s IP address, but they can also manually change their region via the dropdown above the offers

  • Leverage current .ca offer card behaviours (ability to save, open up a modal to see full offer details and T&Cs)

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